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    This topic will show you how to be an excellent map creator in Army Men RTS.


    Harry Potter

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    This topic will show you how to be an excellent map creator in Army Men RTS.

    Post  Harry Potter on Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:09 pm

    In this topic I will give you a youtube link that has 15 videos in the description which are 15 lessons that shows you how to be an excellent map editor and creator.But in my opinion these videos shows us everything that helps us to be excellent map creators except how to create or make your own unit in the army men rts game.

    Well here is the link:

    Well if the link didn't work with you just type in the youtube search "Army men map editing" then select the video with this title "Army Men RTS 1 lesson Map editing By »AnT$« Clan How To Exract A Map".

    Important note: You should open the links from a computer or a laptop in order to watch them and open them because if you opened the videos on android or Ios It won't work,well some videos work on android and Ios but not all of them and in order to open all of them we should open them from a computer or a laptop.

    Important note 2:The link of the studio file doesn't work for me and when I open the link and press the download button I says register with visa or any credit card and tbe download torrent button downloads a torrent but this torrent doesn't work on bittorrent or utorrent for me so I didn't create a studio till now because of this torrent that doen't download anything

    The new link that works to download the multiplayer hack is:!REs2UQ5Y!95q5YNFFgxn9__058xUTZNodAeBAQS7Vxr6Phqgq2wA

    Important note 3: I don't own this channel and I just searched on the youtube army men map editing and I found these usefull videos so I shared them with you guys thats it.

    I hope this helps you and please If anyone knows how to create your own army men rts unit please tell me,thanks and goodbye.

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