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    Post  sharks | monsOOn on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:43 am

    A kind reminder to all the members !!!

    I'm conducting this web forum as a help, to the map editors and to the people who are willing to be map editors. From our forum you can share the things u know with other friends & obtain the things u ever didn't know. So be generous to do some posts about the new things & hidden things in AMRTS (if u know) , as well as u read & obtain the other's ideas, views & knowledge.

    We represents AMRTS community. The members can be from Game Ranger, Game Spy, Hamachi or Tunngle. SO every one knows the other coz we play alot. So , I kindly request from the members to use their popular name as the user name. Then this forum will be more open for every one. We want to maintain this forum with no secrets. Use this forum like a knowledge Base.Get something from it & Give something for it... Smile Cheers...

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